Kevin Stockstill Criminal Defense

  • Louisiana's DWI Charges

    Posted: 03 Jul, 2019
    Earning a DUI/DWI in the state of Louisiana is a serious offense. Elevated alcohol or substance levels in a driver's blood diminishes mental and motor reactions, which can put the driver and all other commuters at risk of severe injury or death. DUI/DWI charges are not taken lightly, as it is the leading cause of motor vehicle related deaths.
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  • The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lafayette

    Posted: 20 Mar, 2019
    Kevin Stockstill isn't just any attorney; he's your attorney. With 20+ years of experience and a background like this, there's no denying that Kevin Stockstill can provide highly effective criminal defense representation, no matter the case.
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  • What Sex Offender Information is Available to Louisiana Residents?

    Posted: 13 Mar, 2019
    Whether you've been charged with a sex crime and wonder what requirements come with sex offender registry if you're convicted, or you're a Louisiana resident wanting to stay informed, we're offering a deep dive into the types of notifications sex offenders are required to make here in Louisiana.
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  • Interacting with Louisiana Police: The Importance of Courtesy

    Posted: 28 Feb, 2019
    When you're the subject of an investigation or feel as if you're being unjustly targeted by law enforcement, it's hard not to let the feeling of victimization take control of your actions and reactions towards police. However, Kevin Stockstill advises all of his clients to remain calm, not to resist arrest, and to exercise your rights.
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  • Ask Your Attorney the Important Questions

    Posted: 13 Dec, 2018
    What's the most important thing to ask your attorney before a case? Kevin Stockstill explains the importance of knowing your attorney's level of experience to benefit your case.
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  • Misdemeanor vs. Felony

    Posted: 28 Nov, 2018
    Kevin Stockstill discusses the difference between a misdemeanor charge and a felony charge in the state of Louisiana.
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  • White Collar Defense Attorney, Kevin Stockstill

    Posted: 07 Nov, 2018
    White collar crime involves non-violent crime that is usually financially motivated by business or government professionals. White collar criminal charges are often based on lengthy, complex investigations. So complex, in fact, that the subjects of the investigations are aware not only that they are being investigated, but also that they are likely to face charges.
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  • Body & Dash Cam Footage

    Posted: 17 Oct, 2018
    More and more law enforcement departments in our area are implementing and regulating the use of body cam footage, greatly broadening what dash cams have done for the past decade or so.
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  • Plea Bargaining in a Case Against You

    Posted: 10 Oct, 2018
    Some may think practicing your right to a free trial is your best option when faced with criminal charges. However, more than 90% of criminal matters are resolved by plea bargains resulting in guilty pleas.
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  • Interacting with Louisiana Police

    Posted: 03 Oct, 2018
    Defense Attorney Kevin Stockstill breaks down how to interact with police to ensure the best possible outcome for you.
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  • Controversy in Louisiana: Attainment of DNA

    Posted: 19 Sep, 2018
    Ever wonder what measures law enforcement must take to attain DNA from suspects for investigations? Kevin Stockstll breaks it down.
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  • Tips to Expunge Your Record

    Posted: 12 Sep, 2018
    Know what it takes to expunge your record, whether you're dealing with a misdemeanor or felony arrest/conviction.
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  • What You Need to Know About the Three Strikes Law

    Posted: 05 Sep, 2018
    The state of Louisiana's Three Strikes Law has no remorse on habitual offenders. Find out what penalties you can face if you are convicted of multiple felonies.
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  • Aiding and Abetting in Louisiana

    Posted: 29 Aug, 2018
    Do you know how Louisiana categorizes crime involvement including aiding and abetting and the penalties it carries? Kevin Stockstill breaks it down.
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  • Tampering with Evidence Carries Serious Penalties

    Posted: 22 Aug, 2018
    Whether a civilian or law enforcement, tampering with evidence can carry serious penalties. Learn more about what constitutes as tampering with evidence and protect your freedom today.
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  • Avoiding Hit and Run Charges

    Posted: 14 Aug, 2018
    Kevin Stockstill breaks down what it takes to avoid hit and run charges.
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  • What is Wire Fraud?

    Posted: 08 Aug, 2018
    Wire fraud is often hold federal charges and can carry hefty consequences. Know what puts you at risk and how to get proper representation.
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  • What You'll Face When Charged with a DWI

    Posted: 01 Sep, 2018
    Earning a DWI is no joke in the state of Louisiana. Find out what you'll face if you're charged.
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  • Your Guide to Police Interrogation

    Posted: 01 Aug, 2018
    Now, more than ever, it is important for those interrogated to understand this psychological approach in order to protect themselves, avoid interrogation traps, and ensure their freedom.
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  • Federal Bail Process

    Posted: 20 Jul, 2018
    Different from state bail processes, the federal bail process is held to Statute 18 U.S.C. 3142. Read more to know what to expect from the bail process in a federal case.
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  • Bail Process in Louisiana

    Posted: 18 Jul, 2018
    The bail process can be complicated and especially overwhelming when you're learning it with the added stress of you or a loved one facing criminal charges. What does a bail bond actually mean?
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  • Choosing the Right Lawyer

    Posted: 12 Jul, 2018
    If you've been charged with a criminal offense, it is imperative to find a good, strong defense lawyer.
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  • Distracted Driving

    Posted: 27 Jun, 2018
    Do you know what breadth of activities violate the Distracted Driving law? Now's the time to find out!
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  • Internal Investigations: The Importance of Having an Attorney

    Posted: 20 Jun, 2018
    Without an attorney, you could find yourself in a bind during an internal investigation.
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  • Flag Day

    Posted: 14 Jun, 2018
    Happy Flag Day!

    "I believe our flag is more than just cloth and ink. It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty and freedom." -John Thune
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  • 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Accused of a Crime

    Posted: 09 Jan, 2019
    When accused of a crime, there are several things you should avoid. Read more for Kevin Stockstill's advice.
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  • Armed Forces Day

    Posted: 14 May, 2018
    Today, we come together to thank and celebrate the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.
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  • The Ins and Outs of Domestic Abuse Battery in Louisiana

    Posted: 09 May, 2018
    Domestic Abuse Battery can be far more complicated than it seems. Find out exactly what it entails and what penalties you can face if convicted.
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  • Knock and Talk

    Posted: 02 May, 2018
    A knock and talk is a strategy used by police to conduct a search without a search warrant. You do not have to consent to a search just because an officer requests. Find out how.
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  • If You are Approached by an Officer

    Posted: 25 Apr, 2018
    In today's social climate, being approached by an officer can be very intimidating. As a result, it's important to know your rights under Louisiana law.
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  • What If My Child Has Been Accused of a Sex Crime?

    Posted: 18 Apr, 2018
    Though there's much conspiracy about what constitutes as a sex crime and the penalties thereafter for juveniles, sex crimes are violations of law for adults and children alike. Find out what happens when your child is accused of a sex crime.
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  • What to Expect with Kevin Stockstill

    Posted: 11 Apr, 2018
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  • False Claims Act

    Posted: 04 Apr, 2018
    The False Claims Act is a federal law meant to recover money that the federal government has paid out based on false claims. If you or someone you know has falsely invoiced services in order to gain more money from the government, make Kevin Stockstill your White Collar Defense Attorney.
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  • Inappropriate Online Communication

    Posted: 28 Mar, 2018
    Inappropriate online communication with minors is punishable by law and is a felony grade offense.
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  • Should You Request an Appeal?

    Posted: 21 Mar, 2018
    If you've been to trial and don't believe that you were rightfully convicted or sentenced, you may request an appeal.
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  • Right to an Attorney

    Posted: 07 Mar, 2018
    Though you have the right to defend yourself, exercising the right to an attorney can be a deciding factor in your criminal prosecution.
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  • Sexting

    Posted: 28 Feb, 2018
    What is sexting?
    Lawfully, sexting means the digital transmission of a sexually explicit visual depiction through the use of a computer or, most popularly, a cell phone. Minors, a person under the age of 17 years in the state of Louisiana, could face serious penalties if convicted.
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  • Internet Crimes

    Posted: 21 Feb, 2018
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  • 9 common mistakes people make when suspected of a crime

    Posted: 31 Jan, 2018
    Common mistakes people make when suspected of a crime.The following is a list of things you should avoid doing if you are suspected of a crime.
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  • What happens if police ask me to submit to a DUI/DWI field test?

    Posted: 30 Dec, 2017
    If you are stopped by police under suspicion of drunk driving, there is a thorough process that you will be asked to undergo. Whether or not to submit to a breath test and/or field sobriety tests is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself on the spot. However, I can explain the entire process to you here and let you know what the consequences will be if you find yourself in this situation.
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  • How do you choose the right lawyer?

    Posted: 20 Dec, 2017
    How do you choose the right lawyer?
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  • Bail Process Part 2: What is the bail process for federal charges?

    Posted: 13 Dec, 2017
    In a federal case, the bail process differs from the state process in that there is no set bail schedule – and there are a number of other differences.
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  • Bail Proccess: Part 1: What is the Process in Louisiana

    Posted: 06 Dec, 2017
    In the state of Louisiana, defendants who are not released on their own recognizance will usually have to pay some amount in bail to be released from custody while awaiting trial. Following are some guidelines involving the bail process. Please note that if you are facing federal charges, the process will be different.
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  • Know your constitutional rights

    Posted: 29 Nov, 2017
    Our founding fathers thought that the rights of American citizens were so important that they put them into the U.S Constitution. With that said, it is important that you know your constitutional rights so you can intelligently exercise those rights when needed.
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  • What to expect with Kevin

    Posted: 22 Nov, 2017
    When you call Kevin Stockstill for white collar criminal defense representation, you benefit from the 20-plus years of experience, knowledge and skills that he will bring to your case. Kevin is a second-generation attorney who has devoted his career exclusively to the practice of criminal defense. As such, he understands what is at stake and will provide you with the superior criminal defense representation you deserve.
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  • What are my rights?

    Posted: 15 Nov, 2017
    When it comes to the rights of the accused, it amazes me how little our citizens know about their rights when confronted by a police officer or someone acting in the capacity of a police officer (such as an investigator working for a company). There are a few basic but extremely important rights you should know about in these situations.
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  • How can I protect my business from employee theft and fraud?

    Posted: 07 Nov, 2017
    If you are the owner or manager of a business, you should be aware that employee theft, fraud and other misdeeds are a common problem.
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  • What is wire fraud?

    Posted: 31 Mar, 2017
    Most people are familiar with the terms wire fraud and spam email but may wonder, in particular, what wire fraud refers to. In general, there are a variety of different forms of fraud that an individual can be charged with.
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  • Internet crimes require a strong criminal defense

    Posted: 28 Mar, 2017
    Internet crimes are typically charged under federal law. As a result, it is important for accused individuals to recognize the importance of understanding how to navigate the criminal defense process in the federal system.
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  • Orleans Parish man arrested for child pornography

    Posted: 27 Mar, 2017
    Internet crimes are on the rise all across the United States. Internet crimes can range from fraud to pornography. These crimes are heavily prosecuted by the State of Louisiana and the United States government.
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  • Lafayette man arrested on child porn charges

    Posted: 24 Mar, 2017
    The Internet provides a fertile field for criminal activity. One of the most common criminal uses is the solicitation of minors for sexual activity. The recent arrest of a Lafayette man on allegations of possessing child pornography illustrates how easily the internet can be exploited in this manner.
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  • Several Louisiana men arrested on charges of child pornography

    Posted: 22 Mar, 2017
    Louisianans should be aware that when there are allegations of cybercrime, the penalties for a conviction can be significant not just in jail time and fines, but on a personal basis as well.
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  • Four Louisiana men face federal child exploitation charges

    Posted: 22 Mar, 2017
    The laws of the United States contain many provisions dealing with child pornography, including prohibitions on using the internet to acquire, possess and sell such materials. One of the broadest such statutes is the penalty for child exploitation, which makes it illegal to "persuade, induce, entice or coerce a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for purposes of producing visual depictions of that conduct." Four Louisiana men have recently been accused of violating this statute.
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  • What are the consequences for destroying public mailboxes?

    Posted: 22 Mar, 2017
    What may seem like a harmless prank can have serious consequences. One of these pranks is destroying public mailboxes. This is a federal crime that can lead to jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.
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  • Defendant claims feds use porn charges to compel cooperation

    Posted: 03 Feb, 2017
    Pornography allegations can be one of the most destructive criminal charges that the government can make. Even if the defendant is ultimately exonerated, the stigma of the charges often remains as a permanent blot on his (or her) life. A pending case in federal court in Baton Rouge shows how the power of internet pornography charges has been allegedly used by prosecutors to compel the defendant to cooperate in another investigation.
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  • Auto dealer charged with federal fraud crimes

    Posted: 01 Feb, 2017
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  • FBI raids offices of two local law enforcement agencies

    Posted: 31 Jan, 2017
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